'Fly Pry' Tool Hangs On Zipper

‘Fly Pry’ Tool Hangs On Zipper

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Is that a multi-tool on your zipper? There’s seemingly no end to the ideas designers have for places to stash a tool.

Zipper Tool

The Fly Pry is a tiny multi-tool made from titanium that’s designed to hang from your zipper.

The little guy works as a bottle opener, pull tab lifter, can opener, scraper/pry bar, and (or course) a zipper pull. Another model has a hex bit adapter to torque screwdriver bits.

tiny bottle opener

Sure, the functionality is probably minimal in such a tiny form, but the Fly Pry would be a clever conversation starter and could be used to replace broken pulls on backpacks or other outdoors gear.

Fly Pry bottle opener

It’s a little pricy for such a small gizmo, selling for $25 on Kickstarter. If you need to replace a zipper pull and think another bottle opener would come in handy, give them a look.

Fly Pry

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