Forbes Interactive Ski Gadget Man

In a story last week for Forbes, I virtually equipped the “Ski Gadget Man,” a hypothetical downhiller outfitted head to toe with the latest and greatest in this season’s ski gear.

The clickable graphic of the man is essentially a neat way to do a gear guide: Scroll over the helmet, goggles, gloves, poles, boots, etc., and a pop-up window details each of the nine choice products I picked.

Altogether the assemblage comprises a near-$4,000 fantasy package for the aspiring alpinist.

Here’s a peek at the gear I picked. . .

SKIS: Volkl Tigershark 12 Foot

BOOTS: Atomic Hawx 110 Boots

POLES: LEKI Vision Venom SL Trigger S

OUTERWEAR: The North Face Unity Suit

GOGGLES: Zeal Optics Spherical PPX

HELMET: Giro G9 Wireless Audio Series

GLOVES: Kombi iRip

WATCH: Highgear Altis TI

PACK: Gregory Drift

Go here for the full feature story—“Coolest Ski Gear on the Slopes”

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