Surreal Skiing: ‘Full Moon’ Film Shot With No Lights

Filming a backcountry ski tour is hard enough, but recording without artificial light? One ski team in Austria set out to do so with this film.

The film starts in the afternoon and quickly moves toward sunset. The lifts close. Quiet sets over the Austrian Alps. Then, a small team of friends ventures out under a full moon to ski — and film — with only natural light.

“With this movie, we wanted to capture that feeling of being out there skiing in a clear, full-moon night,” said Jochen Mesle. The snow is sparkling, the moon is full, and the music is suspenseful.

It’s both dark and bright, magical and haunting. You can’t be sure as to what’s happening in the shadows. But the wide, aerial shot of a moonlit couloir is for sure the coolest thing you’ll see today.

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