Gear Preview — Atomic Hawx 110 Ski Boot

The superlative-heavy press release for Atomic’s new Hawx boot line touts claims like “the most significant innovation to downhill boot technology in 25 years” and “The Next Revolution in Skiing is not a Ski.” (It’s a boot.)

But what the Hawx does is significant: This boot promotes natural forefoot flexibility and movement by incorporating a shell that bends in unison with the metatarsal zone of the foot, allowing a skier to balance and transfer power through the ball of the foot, which is the body’s natural balance point.

Further flex comes from a rebounding spring set underfoot in the sole. In short, the Hawx retains the stiffness and precision of an alpine boot but with ergonomic characteristics to boost balance and control, realigning your leg and foot to their natural unimpeded stance.

The top-end Hawx 110 sells for $750. Yep, that’s $375 per foot.

Best boot in 25 years? Watch here for the test and review later this winter.

Availability: Hawx Boots are available now in four stiffnesses to accommodate all skier types, as well as two women’s-specific models. Sizes are 22 – 31.5.

MSRP: $600 – $750 USD.

Contact: Atomic,

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