Camping Hammock, Adventure Bikes, Primitive Fire: GearJunkie Week In Review

Camping Hammock, Adventure Bikes, Primitive Fire: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of some top stories on GearJunkie, week of June 26-July 3, 2015.

week in review

1) Primitive Fire. Learn to make fire with a hand drill from a master of the craft.
2) The Watch That Could Save Your Life. Swiss watchmaker Breitling announced the U.S. release of the Emergency watch, the only watch with a dual onboard Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).
3) Minneapolis Is The ‘Bike Capital’ Of America. GearJunkie original video gives 50 reasons that Minneapolis is the bike capital of America.
4) Bike Multi-Tool In A Canister. The Chamber is a fist-size cylinder that holds a bevy of allen, double-sided hex, double-squared, flat tips, and phillips drivers.
5) Sharpen Knives On Brick, Cinder Block. In this video you will see time-lapse footage of a master knife sharpener at work using the crudest of tools.
6) 6 Seconds To Spare: Woman, 70, Finishes Western States. Gunhild Swanson, age 70, finished the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run this past weekend with just six seconds to spare before the 30-hour cutoff.
7) Refined & Rugged: Triple Aught Design Dauntless. It may not be “custom,” but the Triple Aught Design Production Dauntless knife is right there with the cream of the high-end crop.
8) Is ‘OLED’ The Future Of Outdoors Lighting? Imagine a light that uses less energy than LED, can be designed into flexible objects, generates no heat, and won’t attract bugs.
9) Tejay van Garderen: How To Eat For Tour De France. The Tour de France kicks off this weekend. We got in contact with top rider Tejay van Garderen to talk calories, carbs, and “eating strategy” while in the pro peloton.
10) Once-In-A-Lifetime: Buy Mountain Bike Park For $1. Just $1 could get you ownership of The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin, Wis.
11) Hennessy ‘Explorer’ Hammock Tested In MN ‘Jungles.’ Expeditions mean blood suckers and torrential downpours. Hennessy designed an Explorer Hammock to fight all the nasties mother nature throws your way.
12) Best Bikes For Off-Road Adventure. Hop on one of these five types of best adventure bikes to rip yourself away from civilization.
13) Tested: Running Shoes 2015. Road, trail, and off-trail… our editors tested the best shoes of 2015 running in a range of conditions and across varying terrain.
14: Solar Powered Airplane Makes Historic Pacific Crossing. A 100% solar powered airplane has crossed the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean between Japan and Hawaii, setting two world records.
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