Giro 'New Road' Is Functional Fashion For Women Cyclists

Giro, a brand commonly known for its helmets and bike shoes, released the New Road line of men’s bike apparel last spring. (See our ‘First Look’ at the men’s line.) I was immediately envious of my guy friends in these fashionable, comfortable cycling duds.

After a year of waiting, the women’s New Road line is now on the market. I’ve been testing it for a month.

New Road fills a void previously missing from cycling clothes. It’s neither the standard roadie spandex kit, nor typical urban wear. It’s a blend of fashion and function that I’ve been looking for.

Testing New Road for a month, hardly a day passes that I don’t wear something from the line. From commuting to long days on the road, the clothes work well. And once you get to your destination, you don’t have to change. I don’t stick out when I grab a coffee or post-ride happy hour.

The 2014 collection includes 22 pieces, from base layers to tops and bottoms. Here are a few of my favorites.

Boy Undershort – $70

A comfortable alternative to bib shorts, the Boy Undershorts are made to be worn with pants or shorts that do not have a built-in chamois. They’re made with a stretchy, breathable merino wool blend. A thin chamois provides comfort for long efforts in the saddle, but it’s small enough that I’m comfortable wearing it off the bike through the day.

Mobility Short – $90

The polyester/cotton blend Mobility Shorts have been an essential piece of my wardrobe this summer. They have a comfortable amount of stretch and still look casual enough to wear all day off the bike. The cut is shorter than my mountain bike shorts and more form-fitting, but I don’t feel like I’m showing too much leg. They’re perfect on my 7-mile daily commute to work, and I don’t have to worry about changing once I get into the GearJunkie office (we’re pretty casual around here).

Ride Crew Pockets – $120

Made of a soft and lightweight merino, the Ride Crew Pocket is one of the most comfortable jerseys I own. I use the term “jersey” loosely, as this piece looks and feels more like a T-shirt. The only distinguishing attributes are the three pockets in the back.

Rain Jacket – $200

The Rain Jacket is lightweight and versatile and provides waterproofness without sacrificing style. With a stretchy material as its base, this is one of the most comfortable rain jackets I’ve worn on or off a bike. It’s saved me from getting soaked more than once. Bonus: The Rain Jacket is a great piece to throw on when temps drop in the evening. It’s light enough that I hardly ever leave home without it in my backpack.

—See the full line of the women’s New Road on Giro’s main page.

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