Digital HERO 3

I met Nicholas Woodman of GoPro in Munich, Germany, two years back, when his innovative wrist-hugging camera was nominated for an ISPO Brand New award. At the time, the Digital HERO—which came in a shockproof/waterproof case and attached to your wrist via a strong Velcro bracelet of sorts—was the coolest sports-camera idea I’d seen in a long while. The theory was: Hook this camera to your wrist and go surfing, or B.A.S.E. jumping, or skiing, or whatever, and the little shooter is always there, ready to fire off and capture the moment, no fuss of having to dig the camera out of your pack or pocket, and no worries about damaging the unit, as it’s in a super-strong, waterproof case.

Well, GoPro has continued to improve on that original concept, and earlier this year at the OR Show in Salt Lake City when I saw Mr. Woodman again he was rolling out the Digital HERO 3, which can shoot 54 minutes of video and high-quality 3 megapixel photos.

In addition to the wrist-attach option, the Digital HERO 3 also straps to kayak paddles and bike handlebars.

See some sample videos here:

GoPro just shipped me the new model, so watch for the full Gear Junkie review soon.

Price: $139.99

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