'Smart' Water Bottle Tells You To Drink

‘Smart’ Water Bottle Tells You To Drink

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. But what about people?

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A new bottle not only carries your water, but also tracks how much you drink. If you’re not drinking enough, it glows to remind you that it’s time to hydrate.

The HidrateMe bottle syncs with your smart phone and fitness devices, allowing the app to better determine the correct amount of water each person should drink based on factors like exertion, temperature, and even humidity.

Never mind the fact that humans are equipped with a powerful instinct to drink when thirsty, this gizmo has been wildly successful in its Kickstarter launch, earning more than $200,000 in just a few days.


So if you’re concerned that you may forget to drink water or want to add hydration to your biometric tracking, this could be a solution. It’s available on the fund-raiser for $45.

Just don’t goof up and fill it with booze. That could get weird quick.


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