I-gliti Roller Skiing Apparel

In the category of lost-in-translation, today’s winner goes to Italian roller ski company I-gliti, which has announced “The Brightest Splash of Colour in the Roller Ski World.”

Specifically, the company is referring to its new clothing collection for roller skiers. (Do you need special clothing to do that?)

The company’s sportswear—which “combines technical features and glamour to satisfy the demands of skiers at all levels”—includes lightweight, body-hugging and breathable t-shirts and shorts that are comfy to wear and “have been studied so as to allow full freedom and not restrict movements.”

Good, good. . .

Further, I-gliti apparel “pays the greatest attention to its selection of materials” with a collection comprised of “dazzling white for the more feminine version and dark assertiveness for the men.”

Dark assertiveness, eh? (I’m confused.)

To boot, both the girls and boys get clothing with “fuchsia inserts caressing the hips.” Gotta love that.

In addition to a fabulous press release, the company’s web site (http://www.i-gliti.com/eng/index.html) doesn’t seem to work very well.

Regardless. . . I-gliti, “from equipment to clothing, the smartest choice in the roller ski world.”

Roller Ski On, brothers!

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