Friday Photo: Beard Insulation on Ice Climb

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Adam Bidwell, an experienced climber, snapped this shot of first-timer Adam Van Der Sluis on the “Pinnacle Gully” route last week in Huntington Ravine, Mt. Washington, N.H.

“With 60mph gusts pushing the wind chill well below zero and a mixture of snow and graupel falling at such a rate that, at times, it was hard to see more than a few meters, Pinnacle was the perfect introduction to the sport for Van Der Sluis,” said Bidwell.

“Being my first time ice climbing, I would have preferred something less than the 60mph winds blowing snow and ice in my face. It wasn’t so bad, though, thanks to the beard keeping me warm and toasty,” said Van Der Sluis.

Note: Don’t let the beard fool you, Van Der Sluis is only 24 years old!

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