Jetmen Fly Over Dubai


Man has long been infatuated with flight. In this video, French pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, push the limits of jet-powered human flight, carving wicked turns over the sand and mirrored structures of Dubai.

The pair have spent a decade honing their skills with previous flights over iconic landmarks like English Channel, the Grand Canyon and the Swiss Alps. But their over-the top acrobatics seem like a natural fit carving over the ostentatious U.A.E. city-scape.

Mounted to the jet-pack’s 6-foot wingspan are four jet engines that enable the team to fly an average of 125mph and upwards of 185mph in a dive. Though the film makes it look like they can fly forever, their average flight is six to 13 minutes.

For more information on the Jetman projects, check out their site.