Keen the 59

My Favorite Leather Boot Is on Sale Now: ‘The 59’

For $108, you can get a pair of leather boots that look good with most outfits. From jeans to khakis, The KEEN 59 offers downright versatile style.

KEEN footwear is up to 50 percent off this week and to my delight, its 59 boot is discounted. This leather ankle boot looks good and has the longevity to match. I’ve had mine for two years now and love them.

Keen the 59

I wear them so much, I actually wore through the soles, but KEEN re-soled them no problem. Now I have custom camo outsoles that provide a bit more personality to my boots. If you ever need similar work, you can set up a Vibram re-sole here.

The KEEN 59s are comfortable to stand in all day (I wear them for trade shows) and work for walking miles at a time.

Vibram sole factor tour shoe repair
My shoes, anxiously waiting for their new soles

But beyond comfort, I just like how the boots look. They have aged well and, I imagine, will only develop more character over time.

The KEEN 59 boots are my go-to shoes to wear with pants. And now they’re 20 percent off. It’s a little added-value for a boot that I personally stand behind (and in). Check out the 59 and the rest of the KEEN sale by clicking the button below.

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Nate Mitka

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