Kitty Wants In

Kitty Wants In

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Oh cats, first they want out, then they want in. Guess I better open the…on second thought, maybe not.

According to a post put up by the Wenatchee World newspaper in Wenatchee, Wash., Robert Nielsen had quite the surprise after entering his house in Stehekin, Wash.

“Almost lost Maya,” Nielsen reported. “Out at midnight for a call of nature and to check on our snowfall. Came back in, closed the door, heard a thump, and look who wanted in.”

“It was jumping at the door while I armed up, and then settled down to constant growling when I got the camera.”

“Went upstairs to the window right above it, dropped a coffee cup on its head,” Nielsen continued. “It didn’t flinch. Shot two warning shots into the steps right next to it. Didn’t even flinch. Switched weapons up a grade, in case it broke the window and came in.”

“If it had come to the front door, even our house cat can push that one open if it’s not latched. Checked the door. It wasn’t latched. Note to self: get a bigger !@#$%^&* latch! When it left the doorstep and headed to my shop, I fired four more shots. It didn’t even look back. Not sure where it is now.”

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