Missing Surf? Hang Ten on Canada’s Epic Swells This Winter

You may not know it, but the Canadian side of Lake Erie has some amazing surfing.

With Lake Erie having the highest water level ever recorded, the surfing is arguably better than ever. In this short film, “Lake Tide High,” two filmmakers bring us some of the best surf footage from that side of the lake. Techno music, big waves, rising tides, and lots of excitement set the backdrop for this unlikely surf film.

Of course, it’s Lake Erie, so everyone is cruising around in full wetsuits and neoprene gloves, and ice and snow blanket the shore. But despite the cold, there are plenty of surfers getting after tube rides, cutbacks, and more. It’s one of the best cold-weather wave edits we’ve seen.

“Lake Tide High” was filmed by Andrew Wyton and Noel Sargeant in 2018 and 2019, and published in January 2020.

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