Beer For Life For $1,000

$1000 gets you beer for life.


Yep, you heard right. Lake Monster Brewing is offering beer for life for just a thousand greenbacks.

The St. Paul, Minn., brewer is opening a new brewery and tap room (construction already underway) and launched a crowd-funding campaign to help it get started.

The $1,000 level gets you access to the Beer For Life membership. You get a Lake Monster Beer For Life card with your name on it, which gives you free pints of beer in the Lake Monster taproom for the rest of your life.

beer for life

At an average $5 pint, you would have to drink about 200 pints before the membership pays itself off.

That’s a damn good deal in our opinion, but probably only if you spend a decent amount of time in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

“We want people to love our beer as much as we love it,” said Matt Zanetti, co-owner of Lake Monster Brewing. “We want people to get excited about returning to our taproom and this is a great way to get people coming back.”

You’re out of luck if the brewery goes out of business, but Zanetti assured me that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon. Either way, it’s probably a risk worth taking.

So far, no one has taken Lake Monster up on the offer, and only 100 Beer For Life memberships are available.

If you want to be the first, swing over to its IndieGoGo page and put down your money.

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