The Procrastinator's Gift Guide: Last-Minute Gear From Amazon

The Procrastinator’s Gift Guide: Last-Minute Gear From Amazon

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You’ve done it again. A few days ’til Christmas, and you’ve not bought a single gift. No worries. You won’t even need to put on pants to buy these sweet selections straight from Amazon.

Our new column, sponsored by Amazon, covers gear to get you outdoors.

If there’s an outdoorsy person on your list, and you shop at Amazon, we’ve got you covered. Here, we break down this gear list into sections to help you find the right products, quick and easy.

We know it’s last-minute, so we chose gifts that mostly have two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, making sure you’ll have them by Christmas day.

For Campers

This section should hit a lot of outdoorsy folks. Doesn’t really matter their hobby – mountain bikers, hikers, hunters, trail runners – they all camp.

A Great USA-made Hatchet: $55


The Estwing 14-Inch Sportsman’s axe is a perennial favorite. Forged from a single piece of steel in the USA, it’s durable, effective, and affordable.

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A Nesting Cook Kit: $70

This cook kit will serve campers well both at the campground and on the trail. We used it while kayaking the John Day River last year and were impressed with the space-saving design. Two bowls and two mugs fit inside the cooking post.

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The Perfect Water Filter for Hiking: $50

The MSR Trailshot is the only water filter most hikers will ever need. It’s light, easy to operate, and effective against protozoa and bacteria. As long as your loved one isn’t filtering viruses (mostly found in developing regions), this will do the trick.

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A Rechargeable Lantern: $45

Sure, headlamps work around the campsite. But a lantern is really a nice addition. Hang the Coleman Rugged Rechargeable from a branch and light the surrounding area. Rechargeable with USB, you can plug it into your car to juice the battery when it runs low. A 20-hour run time on low, and up to 400 lumens on high, will make the campsite a cozy place.

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Fixed-Blade Mora Knife: 50% Off

Swedish brand Morakniv makes reliably good fixed-blade knives. Today only, these are all 50% off! For a great all-around, full-tang knife, try the Garberg. For a uniquely useful small blade, try the Eldris. Both are wonderful choices for the adventurous and outdoorsy on your list!

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For Cyclists

mountain biker lookout

Bikers are a varied group. Unless you really know their style, they can be hard to buy for. We picked a couple products that pretty much every biker needs in their kit.

Versatile Emergency Bike Tool: $22

crankbrothers bike tool

The Crank Brothers multitool has all the basics you need to tighten, adjust, and fix a bike on the trail. Plus, it’s lightweight and comes with a stainless steel “tool flask” to keep moisture and rust at bay. The tool lends peace of mind on every ride with a solid assortment of functions for common repairs on the trail.

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Kryptonite New-U KryptoLok: $39

This bike-security package comes with a standard U-lock and a 4-foot cable. Protect a bike by locking the front wheel and frame with the U, and then lassoing the back wheel with the cable. The system gives proven security in all but the most theft-prone urban areas.

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For Trail Runners

Trail runners aren’t very gear-intensive athletes. But the gear they do choose is absolutely critical and needs to work every time. These are a few we’ve put through the paces.

GPS Watch: $330

Yeah, this is a big-ticket purchase, but we’ve used the Suunto Spartan HR and love its functionality. This is a powerful tool for trail runners (and cyclists, climbers, swimmers, hikers). Get pace, heart rate, elevation, cadence, and a ton more mission-critical specs right on your wrist.

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Some Free Weights: $250

When it comes to cross training, runners are the worst! But if anyone needs to lift weights to maintain a balanced body and avoid injury, it’s runners. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are really versatile, allowing an athlete to do a wide variety of exercises. And, they take up very little space. So help that runner do some strength conditioning with a simple, effective tool.

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Awesome Socks: ~$15

Few things affect a runner more than socks. Good ones help runners avoid blisters, and they dry quickly. They are a second skin that helps abused feet keep plugging for more and more miles. In our many trail runs, we’ve found two types that really work. The Balega Blister Resist No Show Athletic Running Socks (pictured above) have proven consistent performers made from mohair and synthetic fibers. A second favorite option are the Darn Tough Merino Wool Double Cross No Show Tab Light Cushion Sock ($16). These merino socks have been useful to us in ultramarathons.

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For the Winter Enthusiast

For those who get after it in the winter, there are a few easy gear picks. They will be loved.

skier mountain slope

Absolutely Bomber Gloves: ~$120

The Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski and Ride Glove with Gauntlet is among our favorite gloves of all time. They’re not cheap at around $120, but if you really need to keep hands warm, they’re a top choice. Another solid option we’ve loved over the last year is the Columbia Winter Catalyst Glove ($100).

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Excellent Goggles: $129

Julbo goggles

Skiers, cyclists, and snowmobilers (sometimes even winter hikers and climbers pushing through tough conditions) need serious eye protection. The Julbo Airflux is an excellent choice. The lenses on these goggles pull away from the frame to allow massive airflow to fight fogging. This is a big deal when sweating from, for example, skinning uphill on a backcountry tour. We’ve tested and love these goggles.

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A Buff: Starting at $15


There’s a reason this much-copied piece of head/neck/face-wear is in our pack no matter the season. The Buff is so versatile and useful, we won’t leave home without one. In the winter, it’s a face mask, an ear cover, a balaclava, or – well, the uses seem endless. It’s inexpensive, and everyone can use one (or three) Buffs in their pack or on their person for winter snow and wind.

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–This article is part of our new series, “Amazon Outfitter,” and is sponsored by Amazon. It was written by GearJunkie managing editor Sean McCoy.

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