Leather & Fur: Wild Chalk Bag Line From Young Climber

Damian Pacheco sent us a note last week: “I’m a 4th generation leather worker, and I’m a creator of the Mythical Chalk Bags.”

Chalk bag aptly named the Sasquatch uses hair-on cowhide as ‘fur’

We clicked to the company site and found Pacheco’s handmade collection of chalk bags, each one named after a mythical creature (sasquatch, jackalope, chupacabra, and mammoth).


Pacheco is a climber and a leather artisan. He was born in Iowa but has lived much of his life in Mexico. The bags are now made in Utah, where Pacheco climbs and works in a small shop.

Damian Pacheco

With the collection he wanted to turn the humble chalk bag into “not just an accessory or just another tool, but more of a talisman, something that will make a connection between the climber and his environment.”


See the full line at Pacheco’s site, including the fur-equipped model and other Mythical Leather Chalk Bags (as well as Pacheco’s full line of leather goods).

The climbing products go for $47 – $50, mystical talisman properties ostensibly included.

Brand stamps are mythical creatures
Handmade in a Utah leather-goods workshop
Stephen Regenold

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