Lululemon ‘Yoga Beer’ Is Now A Real Thing

Does beer go with yoga pants? Lululemon seems to think so.


Vancouver-based Lululemon is teaming up with another Vancouver company, Stanley Park Brewing, to create a beer designed to pair with a sweaty yoga session, trail run, or mountain bike ride.

Made with chinook hops and lemon drop hops (get it?), Curiosity Lager has a crisp taste with slight bitterness, which actually does sound pretty refreshing right now.

Low Alcohol

Its sub-5% alcohol by volume (abv) classifies it as a session beer: Since it’s got such a low amount of alcohol in it, you may be able to enjoy a few more without puking on your 5 a.m. trail run the next morning.

We like the idea of a good post-workout beer, and Stanley Park Brewing is a beer company you can feel good about. It’s partially powered by one of North America’s only brewery-owned wind turbines, composts spent grains to replace chemical fertilizers in vineyards, and it uses biodiesel-powered delivery trucks.

The lager has just been released (in Canada only), and it’ll be available in British Columbia and Alberta through fall.

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