Blue Jeans For Your Face

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The versatility of denim is unmatched in the clothing world. Now, you can even put it on your face.

denim sunglasses

Start-up Mosevic has introduced sunglasses made with denim fabric. The company combines denim with resin similar to that used in fiberglass construction.

denim sunglasses 2
Layers of denim treated like fiberglass to make the frames

The sunglasses are handmade in Cornwall, England, and they come equipped with Carl Zeiss lenses.

A bit on how they are made: Fiberglass is created by coating sheets of fiber with a liquid resin that hardens when mixed with a catalyst. These sunglasses simply replaces the fiberglass material with denim. Voila!

denim sunglasses 4

The company has three styles available, all of which sell for about $125. It has raised about $4,000 of a $7,577 goal on Kickstarter.

Denim stacked in layers give dimension to the frame

For stylish sunglasses with this unique denim twist, give them a look. They are priced competitively with quality sunglasses and could be a conversation starter or a fashion piece for lovers of the denim look.

Handmade in a Cornwall, England, workshop
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