‘Mustaches for Kids’ Charity

Ever thought to yourself “Geez, I wish there was some way I could make a difference in the world with my facial hair. . . “? Well, now you can! Mustaches For Kids is a nationwide charity organization that began in Los Angeles in 1999. In an effort to do good while also having a good time, the organization was launched to raise money for kid-related charities. It has raised nearly $1million to date for causes such as Make-a-Wish Foundation, Donorschoose.org, and Children’s Hospitals.

How can you participate? Simple, grow a mustache! When people inquire about your lip growth, you can tell them what you’re participating in and ask if they’d like to help out with a small donation — every dollar counts. And one hidden perk: You can finally wear the label of “professional mustache grower” because you’re using it to earn money. Visit Mustaches For Kids’ website to see if there is a chapter in your area. If so, plug in, let ‘er grow, and start making a difference. If not, gather your buddies and start a chapter.

The author, upper left photo, and five mustache-growing friends

In my local Minneapolis chapter, we will be raising money for Urban Boat Builders, an organization for “at risk” youth. To help the kids learn skills, work ethic and a strong sense of accomplishment, the UBB assists the kids in hand-building boats. Upon completing the boats, the organization takes the kids on an urban adventure to christen their tiny ships.

If you’re a Minnesota reader in the Minneapolis area and want more info, drop me a line at tc@gearjunkie.com. You can track my growing progress on my personal website beginning on November 18th.

—T.C. Worley

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