Native Trout, Outdoor Recreation Revitalize Former Mining Community

Where does a town turn to when its main economy disappears? In the town of Questa, they’ve turned to a native cutthroat trout population, and things are changing.

In this short film from Trout Unlimited, a group of New Mexicans shares a story that’s all too familiar across the U.S. When the mining industry left, the community lost its identity.

But a group of people is setting out to reenergize the town and refocus on the natural qualities it boasts by surroundings alone. After revitalizing the heart of the town, the residents of Questa are turning outward, and their story seems to parallel that of a rare and pure strain of Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

Isolated and valuable just by mere existence, these trout are a key in the remaking of this vibrant community. And their story is worth the 12-minute watch.

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Nicole Qualtieri

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