NFL Star Larry Fitzgerald’s Adventure-filled Offseason

Larry Fitzgerald Jr. is best known as a top player in the NFL. But as we recently discovered, the Arizona Cardinals wideout does a helluva lot more than just play football.


Larry Fitzgerald sandboarding on Nicaraguan Volcano
Fitzgerald sandboarding on a Nicaraguan volcano


During the offseason, rather than golfing with geriatrics in Florida, Fitzgerald makes the most of his time off by traveling the world and getting after it on some seriously awesome adventures. I exchanged Tweets with the man himself (a Minneapolis native like me and most of the GearJunkie crew, I might add), and these are a few of Fitz’s top adventure shots from the offseason so far.

Larry Fitzgerald ice climbing
Ice climbing in Slovenia last weekend
Larry Fitzgerald zip lining guatemala
Fitzgerald zip-lining in Guatemala in January
Larry Fitzgerald hiking Machu Picchu
Atop Machu Picchu, Peru
Fitzgerlad on the slope of a volcano in Nicaragua
Fitzgerald bombing down a Nicraguan volcano on a sandboard
Larry Fitzgerald scuba diving
Scuba diving with teammate Andre Roberts in Caratagena, Colombia

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