NDAK Adventure Race

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Up near the Canadian border, in the flatlands where the winding rivers flow north, there is an event billed as the “toughest race in North Dakota.” The END-AR, a wilderness-endurance event, is this Saturday, September 4, and at 10+ hours in length, there is little to dispute about the organizers’ claim. The END-AR is an adventure race, and it has a course that will snake in and around Grand Forks, North Dakota. Since I have roots in rural N. Dak (maternal-side, Norwegian, agrarian), and since I am longtime friends with the crew putting on the event — the YogaSlackers, some of whom grew up on the Great Northern Planes — I’ve cobbled together a team. Gear Junkie contributor T.C. Worley and myself will race as a two-man squad against about 30 other teams in a 10-hour fight to the finish. Running, navigation, canoeing, biking, pack-rafting, swimming, tree climbing, and other disciplines have been promised. Here below is a sneak peek video from the event. Wish us luck! —Stephen Regenold