Retail Surprise: Floor Drops Away At The North Face Korea

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Imagine walking though your favorite sporting goods store when, suddenly, the floor drops away leaving you just seconds to decide, jump, climb or …

This weird scenario played out at a temporary store created by The North Face in South Korea.

According to AdWeek, the frightening-yet-hilarious trick was played out by TNF and agency Innored to promote the company motto of “never stop exploring.”

Indeed. The looks on these unsuspecting shoppers’ faces are priceless as the floor below them slowly begins to recede into the wall in some sort of Indiana Jones style booby trap.

A beautiful jacket then descends into the middle of the room and a timer pops up counting down from 30 seconds. The jacket is a prize.

A friend who speaks Korean said the message on the timer says basically “get The North Face jacket in 30 seconds.” Other text relates to The North Face motto to “never stop exploring.”

Awesome. What would you do?