Nuun Tablets, Not Just For Sports Anymore

Here at GearJunkie, Nuun tablets have long been a preferred option for making an on-the-go hydration drink. Simply drop a Nuun electrolyte tablet into a bottle of water and it’ll dissolve and fizz in seconds, converting normal H20 to a sports drink with sodium, vitamins and minerals. (We recently named Nuun and its category of “dissolvable electrolytes” as one of 10 top innovations over the past 10 years.)

This week, the Seattle company launches Nuun All Day, which are like its original sport-oriented tablets but (as the name says) made for using in water on any regular day. It doesn’t have the high amount of electrolytes that Nuun Active Hydration has nor the high amount of sodium for replacing sweat loss.

Four flavors: Nuun All Day

Rather, Nuun All Day is made to deliver vitamins and keep a person hydrated by giving water a subtle flavor to make it easier to drink. A company spokesperson told us that two tabs of Nuun All Day give the recommended daily value of vitamin C, E, B and D. It’s sweetened with stevia and does not contain artificial sweeteners.

Nuun All Day costs about $7.50 for a tube of 15 tablets, or $30 for a four-pack of tubes. It comes in four flavors, Blueberry Pomegranate, Grapefruit Orange, Tangerine Lime and Grape Raspberry. See more details here on the drink-anytime dissolvable solution.

—Stephen Regenold

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Stephen Regenold

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