‘Best In Show’ At OR Show – Top Gear For 2016 (part II)

Mega Headlamp – LED Lenser XEO

It is brighter than most car headlights but sits on your forehead. At 2,000 lumens in brightness, the XEO ($330) was built for downhill biking at night, skiing trees after dark, and other nocturnal adventures where a normal headlamp won’t do.

To manage the inevitable heat build-up that comes from all that light, LED Lenser designed a cooling air intake chamber on front. As you bike, run, or ski, air gets “scooped” into the vent, cooling the LED unit.


Each LED is adjustable alone — you can have one light on spot, and one light on flood, for example. A sensing technology adjusts light output on the fly, with the high-power light adjusting down when you look at an object close up.

A bonus: This headlamp can also recharge your gadgets. In a time of need, you can plug in a GoPro or a phone to the XEO via its included USB port.