‘Best In Show’ At OR Show – Top Gear For 2016 (part II)

Easy Inflation — Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad

A huge opening on top lets you inflate the Therm-A-Rest Camper SV in just a few breaths. The technology isn’t new (small brands showed this technology at past Outdoor Retailer shows) but with wide distribution, the sounds of huffing and puffing to fill your pad may soon wane at the campground.


How’s it work? The pads inflate thanks to a natural phenomenon called Bernoulli’s principle in fluid dynamics — as you blow air fast into the large opening of the pad, the high-speed stream draws a large volume of air with it, rapidly inflating the pad in just a few breaths.

We tested it on the show floor; it’s a mysterious effect, with the large, 3-inch-thick mattress inflating nearly in full in about 10 big breaths.