Five Winter Activities That Are Better Than CrossFit

Five Winter Activities That Are Better Than CrossFit

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1. Tire flip vs. Rolling a Snowball — Flipping a tractor tire that weighs a quarter- to a half-ton is impressive. Rolling a snowball is way more fun (and also can be difficult). On average, one cubic foot of compressed snow weighs 20 lbs.. Roll it to a 2×2×2 block (yeah, we know they’re more roundish), and it’s already eight times as heavy — 160 lbs. Keep rolling and you will quickly have a snowball that cannot be pushed. Factor in the footwork as you push and the variable increasing load, and you have the ultimate cardio/strength workout. Plus, who has a tractor tire?

2. Kettlebell vs. Chopping Wood — Kettlebells are great because they are so dynamic. One popular exercise, the wood chop, strengthens everything from the legs to the shoulders. Actually chopping wood, however, has all the kettlebell’s benefits and has been shown to make you more of a man. In a study, chopping wood generated 17% more testosterone in men than competitive sports, and the utility and necessity of the work boosted the duration of mens’ peak physical output. Lumbersexuals unite!

3. Virtual Shoveling vs. Shoveling — Another popular compound CrossFit workout is virtual shoveling. Fortunately, someone devised an ingenious, real-world application for virtual shoveling — it’s called shoveling. One hour of shoveling your (and a neighbor’s) driveway burns nearly 600 calories and provides all the strength-building benefits of its ridiculous-looking virtual counterpart. No snow? No problem. Dirt has also proven to be 100% shovel-able, and this workout may lead to a beautifully landscaped yard.

4. Sumo Deadlift High Pull vs. Building A Snowman — The sumo move involves lifting weight off the ground and hoisting it up to chin level. It utilizes virtually all of the same movements as building a snowman, but sadly will not result in a snowman. If you add in the work of rolling the snowballs (see above), you have a workout that involves moving and lifting upwards of 400 lbs. (or if you want to set the record, over 9,000,000 lbs).

5. Running Stairs vs. Sledding — Running stairs is a tried-and-true mega cardio workout. Unfortunately, the payoff is walking down stairs which, while better than walking up them, is nowhere near as awesome as sledding down a snow-covered hill. Running up a snow-covered hill in boots requires more leg strength and is less impact on your knees than pounding up concrete stairs, burning upward of 500 calories per hour.

There you have it. And while we certainly don’t advocate giving up your training routine, we DO advocate getting outside and enjoying the wintery weather. Might as well get a workout in while you’re at it.