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B-Movie Mogul Plans to Pilot Wild SUV Across Bering Sea

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Fishing Needs More Women: This Is Why

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Monday Bargains: 3 Steals to Start Your Week

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Lamborghini, Cervélo Unveil $20,000 ‘Super Bike’

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Boulder In Your Bedroom? Megalith Boulderwall Says Yes

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Mike Foote Breaks Ski record 24 hours 61,200 feet

Man Sets Vertical Record by Skiing Up 61K Feet in 24 Hours

Ultra-endurance athlete Mike Foote did continuous laps, skiing uphill and down at Whitefish, Montana, for an entire day. He set a new “vertical record” in the process.

March 19th, 2018
Tested: Ombraz strapped sunglasses without sidearms review

Sunglasses Without Arms Are Surprisingly Awesome

A new brand called Ombraz this week launches sunglasses without “sidearms.” They are very unique, and we received a sample to put them to the test.

March 17th, 2018
GearJunkie Week in Review

GJ Week in Review: Best Fly Fishing Gear, Chairlift Malfunction, Find Your FKT

A recap of top stories for the week of March. 11–17, 2018.

March 17th, 2018
gray wolf

NPS Plans to Release Dozens of Wolves on Isle Royale

Following speculation and debate, the National Parks Service opted for an aggressive repopulation of the island national park’s decimated wolf pack.

March 16th, 2018

Canyon Releases Holy ‘Grail’ of Gravel Bikes

Canyon Bikes rethinks the gravel-grinder with its Grail, sporting unique handlebars and more. Our editor put this versatile new bike to the test for this review.

March 16th, 2018
2019 dodge ram 1500

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Review: ‘Bigger Everything’

Panoramic sunroof, 22-inch wheels, and bigger everything, the 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 presents a truly modern full-size truck. So we took it for a test drive.

March 16th, 2018
chairlift malfunction Gudauri resort Georgia tosses riders off

Terrifying Chairlift Malfunction Caught on Video

The malfunction at Georgia’s Gudauri Ski Resort caused the chairlift to run backward at double speed, flinging riders off the lift and hospitalizing at least eight.

March 16th, 2018

Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

March 15th, 2018


Volkl M5: Brand’s Most Popular Ski Gets Better

Volkl revamped its most popular ski, the Mantra, for 2018. We traveled to Austria to get a first-hand look at its next generation, the Volkl Mantra M5.

Filson Single Tin Chaps Review: 40-Year Field Test

The brand name Filson is known for gear made to last the trials of time. This gear test on a pair of tin chaps begins back in 1978.

Trail Slipper: Teva Ember Moc Review

Part sneaker, part puffy, Teva’s Ember Moc may soon be part of many campers’ gear collections. We reviewed it outside, inside, and around town.

Beginner Blade? The Buck Selkirk Makes the Cut

Lots of utility, an reasonable price, and just the right amount of imperfections make the Selkirk an ideal novice knife.

Virtually Undetectable: Bight Gear NeoShell Nuker Jacket Review

Sometimes not noticing a piece of gear while using it is its greatest attribute. So it is with the NeoShell Nuker soft shell from Bight Gear, formerly MtnLogic.

Fischer Hannibal Is Light, Nimble Backcountry Ski

Fischer designed the Hannibal as a light touring ski that excels on the downhill. I tested the Hannibal for several days focused on fast downhill skiing for this review.

Victorinox INOX Watch Review: Daily Wear, Adventure Tested

The Victorinox I.N.O.X is a tough watch that will dress up for any occasion. We thrashed it (and froze it) to see how it handles the rigors of adventure fo this review.

Jacket Brand ‘Live Out There’ Review: Bold Statements Tested

Upstart brand Live Out There this winter made its debut with a line of performance-oriented (but budget-friendly) jackets for the outdoors. We reviewed three models to see how they stack up in the cold.

Canyon Releases Holy ‘Grail’ of Gravel Bikes

Canyon Bikes rethinks the gravel-grinder with its Grail, sporting unique handlebars and more. Our editor put this versatile new bike to the test for this review.

Canine Adventure Gear: 5 Essentials for Hiking with a Dog

Hiking with a dog is the best. Get these gear essentials from Ruffwear, Buckley, and Ridgeline to prepare your pet to hit the trail.

Best Running Shoes for Women 2018

Looking for the best women’s running shoes? We’ve tested the best shoes for road running, trail running, and barefoot runners of 2018. Plus, we’ve got a Buyer’s Guide with helpful tips for better shoe shopping.

Zen Zone: Brain-Sensing Eyewear Aims To Focus The Mind

Sporting success ultimately comes down to mental strength and the ability to remain focused in a high-pressure environment. Smith Lowdown sunglasses claim to help.

Daypack Reinvented: Mystery Ranch Scree Puts Function First

Imagine the durability, adjustability, and load carrying architecture of a technical backpack in a daypack. Enter the Scree Pack, from Mystery Ranch. We reviewed the Scree on day hikes and climbing trips for several months in this test.

Hiker’s Dream Knife: Benchmade Bugout Review

The Benchmade Bugout is a useful, versatile folding knife that weighs less than two ounces. We put this ultralight folding knife to the test for this review. From the Benchmade Bugout’s excellent action to its effortless carry and cutting ability, it’s been hard to kick out of the pocket.

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Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park covers more than 6,600 square kilometers and offers up some truly amazing terrain. - This spot at Lower Twin Lakes on the way to Gibson Pass has us dreaming of a Canadian backpacking trip. - Have you been to Banff? Any tips for a successful trip? - And big thanks to @echoes_of_nature for the great pic and adventure inspiration.

Here’s a little inspiration on this International Women’s Day, a shout-out to some seriously badass adventure women. - 1. Months after giving birth, Chelsey (@jasonandchelsey) competed in a grueling 100 mile MTB. 2. Ice climber, @angela_vanwiemeersch, set the record for first female ascent on Lake Superior’s HMR route. 3. Christy Mahon (@aspenchristy) holds the record as the first woman to ski all the Colorado 14ers. 4. Libby Sauter (@ljsauter) not only set the speed record climbing The Nose on El Capitan, but in 2016 became the youngest person (and one of only five woman) inducted into the American Alpine Hall of Fame. - And the best part is, this list just barely scratches the surface. There are countless women out there crushing records, competitions, and life. From the pro racers to the weekend warriors, you’re all amazing. - So this one goes out to all the badass adventure women out there. May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.

Just keep going, grinding, climbing, and eventually you’ll reach the top. - If you need more Monday motivation check out @mersendyclimberson’s feed. It’ll have you planning a climbing trip ASAP. 🧗🏻‍♀️ by @mersendyclimberson 📷by @tradprincess.

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