The Progression of Fishing Perfection: Patagonia’s ‘Il Pescatore Completo’

A new fishing film from Patagonia pays tribute to an unusual fly fisherman in the Italian countryside. And it’s one to watch.

Arturo Pugno is a master of his craft. A former schoolteacher, the Italian fly fisher has been wading the streams of northern Italy for a lifetime and perfecting the simple art along the way.

He uses a 15-foot rod made of hazelnut and a fly line braided from horsehair. His pared-down flies from local wild birds mimic bugs on top of and below the water. And he teaches by example rather than dictation, believing the water is the true educator.

The film is beautiful and profound. Patagonia once again outdoes itself in the world of short filmmaking. Take 20 minutes and go fishing with Yvon and Arturo.

'Artifishal': Patagonia Releases Film Dedicated to Plight of Wild Salmon
'Artifishal': Patagonia Releases Film Dedicated to Plight of Wild Salmon

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Nicole Qualtieri

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