Episode 10

You Can Use Fishing Nets To Make Rad Gear

In this episode of the GearJunkie Podcast, we sit down with Bureo Co-Founder & CEO David Stover. Bureo converts plastic ocean pollution into recycled fibers…

Episode 7

Hunting Big Cats: Baskin’ in Big-Cat Misinformation

Hunting big cats can be controversial — just ask GearJunkie Hunt & Fish Editor Rachelle Schrute. In a recent opinion piece, Schrute took infamous big-cat…

Episode 10

The Secret Life of Alpinists: Andres Marin

Climbers are daring. Endurance athletes are masochists. So alpinists, as hungry connoisseurs of both danger and pain, are … different.

Episode 2

Will ‘Akuna’ Robinson: True Trailblazer

Will Robinson went from couch to thru-hike almost overnight — and in so doing, soon became the first Black man to complete the Triple Crown.

Episode 12

Alex Honnold: Full Send to Fatherhood

The world’s most renowned climber stays grounded and talks about his new objective — world’s greatest dad.

Episode 10

Emily Ford Is a Winter Sojourner

Being a role model is a weird gig. Backpacker Emily Ford knows this as well as anyone.

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