Mud, Blood, and Cursing: Climbing Poumaka

Poumaka is a towering jungle spire onĀ Ua Pou, a remote archipelago in the Marquesas Islands. It is the kind of place most people wouldn’t really consider climbing, full of loose rock, rain and jungle foliage.

It took 16 days of climbing for Mike Libecki and Angie Payne to forge a new route to the summit of the remote island spire. Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann, with 3 Strings Productions, were there to document what turned out to be 8 pitches of dangerous, rain-battered, choss-infested, mud-covered A4 climbing.

Poumaka 2

The video, produced by Goal Zero, does a great job of capturing one nasty looking climb that we’re glad to sit back and watch someone else accomplish.