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There’s a lot of talk about fabric in discussions concerning base layers and outerwear. But what about socks? When it comes to socks, cut and fit are paramount. Fabric is a close second. To be sure, after spending big bucks on running shoes, snowboard or ski boots — and then maybe even fine tuning fit with orthotics — a well-cut pair of socks maximizes that fit even more.

A new sock favorite of mine, PowerSox, are made by sock behemoth Gold Toe. Both pairs I tried have high-tech wicking fibers — a merino blend for the snowsport sock and a poly blend for the running sock.


I’ve been using a few models from Power Sox since last fall. I was skeptical at first. After a lot of sock testing over the years, good-quality sport socks didn’t seem to differ much from brand to brand for me. Most were good or fine, few complaints, and they got the job done.

But the PowerSox APF Running Quarter, the first one I tested, simply felt better than any other sock I’ve ever worn. At $10,99 a pair, it is almost a tailored fit. The same goes for the company’s ski/snowboard specific APF Cushioned Snowsport OTC. They are the most spendy pair in the line at $26.99, but similarly priced to other board socks. However, the fit was was the hosiery equivalent of the $200 pair of jeans: they were snug where they should be, never tight, lacking poorly placed seams and they just felt right.

Performance-wise, the merino blend on the Snowsport is top notch because it’s comfy, wicks well and the design is stylish to boot (pun intended). Sure, the company’s description of its tech — “the new APF version pushes extreme sock science even further with a hand-linked, seamless toe. . . “ — is a bit much. But it’s almost warranted here. Because when it comes to performance and fit, these socks fit like a glove.

—Stephen Krcmar