Backseat Bivy

Sleep in your car, dirtbag in style with this creative car camping “bivy.” The Backseat Bivy solves the pesky problem of gaps between car rows, which can make for an uncomfortable night’s rest.

Got early morning summits or long endeavors ahead? Planning on sleeping in your car? This bivy is a great solution.

Tested by one of our editors, she says, including moving her belongings and folding down her second row of seats, the Backseat Bivy setup took under 10 minutes. And while she has only used it in the backcountry for 2 nights so far, she has set it up about a dozen times to get a feel for the durability of the product.

So far, the straps are sturdy, the anchor clips work well, and the bivy easily folds up to stash in her car when she is hauling other gear.

The bivy also fits in several different sizes and makes of cars, including Subaru and Honda.