Branwyn Wool Innerwear

“Soft, breathable, barely there.” You may guess that we’re talking wool — specifically wool undies. And woo-hoo, are these worth it.

Branwyn makes soft, sustainable, wool undergarments — what it calls “innerwear.” We’ve had both the Branwyn wool bikinis and bralette in testing for a few months, and no matter the season or activity, these undergarments deliver.

Now, this isn’t just underwear made with wool. This is underwear made with wool and natural biodegradable fibers, with seamless knitting. It’s made for the outdoors, for those who are active, for getting sweaty. And this is probably TMI, but Branwyn’s claim of “boob-sweat free, swamp-ass free, and funk-free” is entirely true.

One final note: The style is understated but classic, and all the garments come in varying shades of nude and black. If you’re unsure of which style to gift, don’t worry, Branwyn also has gift cards. (Did someone say stocking stuffer?)

If you are unsure what to get a woman in your life who loves the outdoors, but also loves being comfortable (and maybe also hates the way synthetics feel) — consider gifting Branwyn. You — and she — won’t be disappointed.