California Cowboy High Sierra Flannel

California Cowboy is one of those brands whose ethos is mostly just fun. But, it also makes some quality stuff. If you look past its more summery offerings of apr├Ęs shirts and “lounging” robes, you’ll find the High Sierra Flannel ($148, $74 on sale).

This flannel is one of our favorites for a lot of reasons. But number one, because it’s warm and cozy. Like, thick, waffle-texture, terry-cloth-fabric heavyweight cozy. On a real chilly day at home or the office, this flannel is all I need.

The second reason we love this flannel is the pockets. Outside this flannel shirt’s cozy thermal lining is a bold plaid pattern (there are a few to choose from) adorned with double chest pockets, a waterproof pocket, a phone pocket, a bottle pocket, and more.

The High Sierra is available in men’s and women’s sizing, making it a great gift for anyone! Our favorite variations? The men’s Campfire or women’s Golden Hour or Chilly Pepper plaid.