Casio G-SHOCK MR-G ‘Shougeki-Maru’

Let’s be clear: The entire Casio MR-G lineup is drool-worthy. But if you spend Franklins like Washingtons, the ultra-limited Shougeki-Maru is an all-time timepiece.

Casio said it drew inspiration from a “kabuto” (samurai helmet) with an intricate dragon hand-carved on the bezel. Expert metalsmith Masao Kobayashi, a master in the art of chasing, meticulously carves each dragon, so no two watches are alike — and that’s saying something, as only 400 of these watches exist.

If the Shougeki-Maru’s $8,000 price tag is just too hefty, the rest of the G-SHOCK MR-G lineup offers the same premium build at a — well — somewhat less shocking price. Full titanium construction, Bluetooth connectivity to work with a smartphone, water and shock resistance, and solar charging mark are just some of the MR-G’s features.