Chrome Cobra 3.0 Merino Hoodie

Back in black! Chrome’s Cobra Hoodie is the urban cycling brand’s longest-running product SKU — and for good reason. In an industry where the wonders of Lycra and spandex create enclaves of serious, speed-focused riders, merino offers comfort, versatility, and off-the-bike style to boot.

The Merino Wool Cobra 3.0 carries over all that made the silhouette a fan favorite, while adding the latest tech to make it the best Chrome hoodie yet. This time around, Chrome blended the anti-odor, super-breathable perks of merino with recycled polyester in key areas to add durability. Chrome claims this will help the Cobra 3.0 keep its shape over time. It’s also available in a women’s style.

As a daily commuter through the mean streets of downtown Denver (trust me, traffic here is half-Texas, half-California, and half-stoned), I love having cycling wear that can handle erratic weather but doesn’t scream, “I’m a cyclist!” when I reach the bar.

The pass-through — mesh! — rear pocket offers zippers on both sides, which I love. Add in two zippered handwarmer pockets to help keep items from jangling out, and I’m a happy camper.

The Cobra 3.0 is as soft as you’d expect from merino, but also pleasantly stretchy, breathable, and totally unbadged — so I don’t feel like a walking advertisement. At $180, it’s an investment — but that’s how you should look at it. I expect to wear this for years to come.