Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-Up System

Quick, portable pull-up systems have helped simplify home fitness. But most door frame-mounted options still consist of a large, unwieldy metal bar array. Jack Yang, co-founder of Duonamic, envisioned something simpler yet truly portable and easily packable that customers could take and set up virtually anywhere.

Enter the Eleviia. These two individual holds work similarly to portable pull-up bars in that they mount on a door frame. But this clamp-action device uses a fraction of the weight and real estate, with the bonus of twistable rope holds. These holds allow you to modify your grip to target different muscle groups.

Having used traditional bars, I found the Duonamic Eleviia system far simpler and intuitive — and it’s become a mainstay travel companion for work trips. The versatility of both the handholds and mounting width allows for a dynamic range of pull-up and leg-raise exercises. Best of all is that, despite being so compact in the case, the relatively simple technology behind the mounting system has proven reliable, sturdy, and safe.

Plus, for the climbing nerds, Duonamic has an adjustable, finger-strengthening add-on: POWRHOLDS. Similar to hangboard exercises, these holds allow users to crimp at various slope angles