Erem Xerocole Boot

Erem was founded by a fourth-generation bootmaker with the goal of building superior desert gear while using only materials with 100% proven paths back to nature. The company’s debut collections, the Xerocole and Xerocole Expedition for men and women offer breathability, protection, and comfort with a focus on substainability.

Each boot is craft-stitched with breathable Tencel Lyocell canvas and sustainably sourced, full-grain leather. The boot sole is grippy and made from biodegradable rubber. It combines with a shock-absorbent, contoured cork footbed for improved comfort in even the most extreme desert terrain. Erem’s boots are Biocircular, which means they are made only with materials that have a proven path back to nature, and that they can be re-streamed into new, “tough as cactus” boots over and over again.