Finex Cast Iron Dutch Oven

If you’re not cooking with cast iron, you’re playing with fire — not making the most out of it. Cast iron cooking has remained unchanged across the centuries and it’s still in use — there’s a reason.

Cast iron is ultradurable, provides consistent, reliable cooking, and only gets better with age. Yes, it’s heavy, so it doesn’t belong in a pack. But for car camp adventures, a cast-iron skillet, griddle, or Dutch oven can make your campfire a Michelin Star destination.

Based in Portland, Ore., Finex makes cast iron cookware here in the U.S. — we tested its 5-quart Dutch Oven. And while the weight and feel of Finex’s cast iron are reminiscent of other high-quality options, the brand separates itself with some clever design hits.

We loved the 5-quart’s octagonal shape, which offers both pour spouts from any angle, and venting options with a simple twist of the lid. Finex also uses coil spring “Speed Cool” handles that take away some of the terror of grabbing hot cast iron.

At $300, it’s an investment, but the Dutch Oven is liable to last forever — and Finex has a lifetime guarantee to back it up.