Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar

Garmin has been a leader in multisport wearables for years, and the fenix 6X Pro Solar touts significant upgrades over previous models.

Offered in multiple sizes and colors, the fenix 6X Pro Solar has a “Power Glass” solar charging lens and customizable power manager modes. The brand says these help the watch stay performance-ready for weeks.

One GearJunkie staffer has been using a fenix 5 that he bought used a few years ago. While he had no complaints, he was eager to get more power, data, and solar charging in a smaller package on his wrist.

The 6X Pro Solar has been just that. As soon as he put it on, he realized how much larger and clunkier his fenix 5 was. Comfort is important, and the fenix 6X Pro Solar delivers that for him.

Second, its solar charging is fantastic. You can easily track the intensity of the sun and monitor how the watch is converting it to battery life.

He actually forgot that he had to charge this watch, and it shocks him when he realizes it’s under 5%. That’s with using it to track runs, cardio workouts, walks, hikes, and more multiple times a week. This watch helps track practically every type of activity under the sun.

Beyond solar charging, he has been keen to track his sleep and stress metrics. Honestly, he’s not sure if he actually likes knowing that he has “poor” or “fair” sleep most nights, and let’s not discuss his stress score. But he finds it interesting to look for patterns and make adjustments.

The fenix 6X Pro Solar is expensive — no doubt about it. But if you’re determined to get the most of your data with incredible battery life in a sleeker package, this is worth consideration.