Gnarly Nutrition Fuel2O & Whey Protein

Gnarly makes nutritional supplements with “no fake stuff” for athletes and adventurers. The brand prides itself on clean, effective, and great-tasting products. I’ve tested Gnarly products in recent months for bike rides, long hikes, bouldering, and more.

Fuel2O is designed to sustain you on long days doing whatever activity you love. Mix a scoop (or two) of the powder with water every hour to keep going strong and feeling good.

Twelve ounces of the powder blend contains 100 calories, has easy-to-digest carbs, replenishes electrolytes with sodium and vitamins, and adds HMB to help you recover faster.

It doesn’t sit heavy in my stomach like some other products, nor has it given me an upset stomach. It tastes good, so it’s easy to drink during activity. And it gives enough energy to keep me out there longer.

Whey protein and Gnarly’s BCAA blend help me recover faster after intense activities and workouts. If I forget to take it, I’m noticeably more tired and sore the next day. I’m impressed by all the Gnarly products I’ve tested, and it’s become my go-to nutritional supplement brand to support my activities and recovery.

Gnarly has several other products as well, and this GearJunkie article gives some insight into the different use cases for each.