GooseFeet Gear Down Socks 

For anyone who has tried tricks like doubling up on socks, or using foot warmers or sock liners, and still gets cold at night in the cooler months — gather ’round. Down socks may be right for you.

Down socks are light, fluffy — and importantly, toasty — layers for your feet, stuffed with insulation and designed to keep your toes and feet warm no matter the temps outside. The ones I’ve been wearing and loving this whole winter are from GooseFeet Gear (from $69).

These puppies are warm and, best of all, totally customizable (from your favorite color to the fill). I got mine with a 20-denier exterior fabric (options are an 8-denier or 20) and a 1,000 goose down fill. If you’re going to be in more extreme temps, you can add 25%, 50%, 75%, or even 100% more fill to ensure that your feet stay warm.

For super-cold camping, ski trips, winter backpacking, and more, my GooseFeet Gear socks haven’t let me down yet.