Ibex Shak Jacket

The brand that helped usher merino wool into the mainstream is back in a new and improved way! With the Shak Jacket — part soft stretchy shirt, part warm fall jacket — Ibex sees a hero product that can help regain its spot among the outdoor brand greats.

Over the summer, GearJunkie Editor-in-Chief received two Ibex pieces to test: a wool T-shirt (which his dog eagerly ate), and the Shak Jacket. This stretchy wool zip-up has taken the edge off of fall mornings and nighttime walks. As you’d expect from a premium merino brand, the Shak Jacket is soft, not scratchy, and as warm as any wool out there.

But beyond its construction, he loves the Shak Jacket for its versatility.

As a standalone piece, it’s as warm as a jacket but comfortable enough to keep on once you get where you’re going. And when winter arrives, he says he will wear it as an extra layer of warmth under a coat for, especially cold nights. What’s more, Ibex goes easy on the branding, so you won’t feel like a walking advertisement — the garment speaks for itself.