Kahtoola NANOspikes

If you keep your outdoor adventures rolling through the winter months, it’s important to consider traction devices. Rather than hunkering down inside when the weather gets rough, consider popping on Kahtoola’s NANOspikes and getting back outside.

These puppies offer 10 wear-resistant tungsten-carbide spikes per foot to bite into frozen surfaces, while dual-compound TPU traction plates sport specialized inserts that disperse impact forces. NANOspikes allow users to move between dry and slippery surfaces without impeding their natural motion, making it easier to keep training outside all year long.

Minnesota winters are cold and relentless. One GearJunie team member uses the Kahtoola NANOspikes for everything from running and walking his dog to shoveling the driveway. He has been skeptical of wearing “traction devices” on his footwear, but the NANOspikes changed that. They provide outstanding traction on variable surfaces, including glare ice.

Plus, they’re comfortable for long walks and evening runs through the city.  Finally, they’re simple to swap between different footwear depending on his outdoor pursuit. Nowadays, he can’t imagine enduring Minnesota winter without them.