Miraflora CBD Oil Tincture

Miraflora offers Colorado-grown, full-spectrum CBD oil, gel, balm, tincture, beverages, and other CBD products. Miraflora’s CBD Oil Tincture is 100% organic, full-spectrum hemp flower oil and is an everyday oil for controlling stress and fortifying well-being, the brand says.

Finding a CBD tincture that works well for your body and tastes good can be a challenge. I’ve tried several brands over the last year, and Miraflora has been one of my favorites. I started taking it during a period of recovery after a knee injury.

Due to injury, I had to switch up my fitness program, which included PT that caused plenty of soreness. I started taking Miraflora CBD tincture twice daily and noticed quickly that my body felt less sore. I also felt like it would provide a calming feeling when I took it while winding down at the end of the day.

The brand offers several strength levels with varying prices — a great option for someone figuring out what works best for them. Better yet, it offers “natural” and “mint” flavors to choose from. Finally, knowing that Miraflora takes pride in its ethical and clean growing practices seals the deal for me.