Morrison Outdoors Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bag

Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you can’t go camping. This pint-size infant sleeping bag is a winner.

It’s offered in two styles — a synthetic 40-degree and a down 20-degree version. The compressible insulation keeps babies warm without taking up precious pack (or luggage) space. It zips open from the bottom for easy diaper changes and is machine-washable.

This sleeping bag is also available in toddler sizes. Plus, Morrison offers a trade-in program.

Our editor recently used it on a car camping road trip in Alaska to keep his 10-month-old warm at night in the tent. As a parent, he felt a lot better about putting his daughter in this than a regular sleeping bag or piling blankets on her. The Little Mo stays wrapped around her all night and doesn’t cover her face.

And his daughter appreciated the open-and-close cuffs on the 40-degree version that freed her hands before bedtime.