OtterBox 3-in-1 Cable

Efficiency in the form of a charging cord. Need to charge your iPhone, and your headlamp, and your GoPro? It’s a hassle to keep track of multiple cords while traveling, camping, or even at home. The 3-in-1 cable from OtterBox combines the three main cord types into one to make your life easier.

One GearJunkie staffer has been using this cable for months now, and he’s never going back to the mess of cords he had before. It’s simple, and maybe a little silly, but this charging cable brings him joy.

The micro USB serves as the main cord, and the Lightning cable and USB-C both connect to the tip of the micro USB to charge whatever device you want. The other end of the cable is a standard USB-A plug-in. The cord is 3.3 feet long, which is plenty for most uses, and only charges one device at a time.