Patagonia UltraAlpine Down Crew

Love it or hate, there’s not much else like it. Patagonia launched its Alpine Downlab line of ultra-lightweight cold-weather garments in fall 2021. The idea — create Patagonia’s most lightweight and packable down garments to date — hinges on high-loft down and ultralight fabric derived from recycled fishing nets.

Tucked within this new product line is perhaps the most unorthodox piece to bear the Patagonia name: The UltraAlpine Down Crew. It uses 800-fill responsibly sourced and traceable down, Fair Trade-certified sewing, and 100% post-consumer recycled nylon face fabric.

And that fabric is the crux of this piece — it’s 7-denier, the lightest fabric Patagonia has ever used. A midlayer at its core, the UltraAlpine Down Crew weighs a quill over 6 ounces.

Let’s be frank — what we have here is a puffy shirt. While not designed to be a statement piece, it’s bound to turn heads. GearJunkie’s editor in chief has a running headcount of sideways glances and double-takes from his morning dog walks and winter weekend trips to the coffee shop.

Overall, the UltraAlpine Down Crew showcases the better parts of the two worlds it straddles — the ease and comfort of a shirt, and the warmth and coziness of a puffy. And with unrivaled packability and lightweight, it will likely be a favorite among the ounce-obsessive. To learn more, read our full review.